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Mr. Harish Ratnani


Mr. Harish Ratnani possess more than 25 years of experience in different fields. He is known for his vast experience in motivational and corporate trainings, brand leasing etc. using these master skills, he helps lots of companies well known company in India. As a speaker, Mr. Harish gives keynotes for organizations and non-profit groups on life-long learning, developing human potential, teams and teamwork, creativity. He has handled significant positions of Training as well as Sales and Marketing in leading Insurance and IT companies in India. Mr. Harish Started his career with Abacus Distribution System, after that he works in Insurance section, It Sector and retail leasing sector. He has a very good network with the corporate clients. Currently he is CEO at Lease Brand and helping the different brands to reach to their potential client.

Harish is a Trainer turned Entrepreneur with expertise and experience of more than twenty two years in Information Technology, Business Management and Consultancy. He has carved his niche in various fields like Education, Insurance, Skills Training & IT. He’s in delivering Results and Solutions. His expertise in school start-up projects and leadership has made him a sought-after authority in these areas.

Mr. Ashish Kumar

(Head Leasing)

Mr. Ashish Kumar is a  young, energetic and dynamic person. He has 15+ year of experience is diversified field like as recruitment, Sales & marketing and leasing. He has work with the leading retail brands and help them to grow their business. He has started his career in Sales and Marketing, where he learn how to increase the revenue for the company, how to increase the brand value of a company in the market. Experience in hard core sales has given him the confidence as well as to opportunity to meet the business owners and CEO of companies, from where he learns a lot.

He is with Lease Brand since last 6 years. In short span of time he worked for so many leading brands like as PC jewellers, PVR, Aditya Birla Fashion retail etc.

Mr.Balram Attri

(Head Leasing)

Has versatile experience in ‘Business Value Preposition’. Mr. Balram has 10+ years of experience in brand Leasing. His core expertise in Retail leasing. Since he joined Lease Brand, he has given solution to many big retail brands. He helps the brand like as PVR, V-Mart, Aditya Birla Fashion.

He is handing the team of experts who identify the best suitable places for the big brand, which ultimately help them to increase their brand value as well as their revenue

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We transform your business from the people to the processes.

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We transform your business from the people to the processes.

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We transform your business from the people to the processes.